• The Mad Game are a red-hot electronic combo... (The Music Hype)
  • earworm that you will have a hard time getting out of your head once it ends. (New In Music)
  • ...right up there with the greatest... (She Buzzin)
  • ...the beat is infectious, leading to one of the essential electronic bridges in recent history. (From Sophia With Love)
  • ...a sound unlike anything else in modern music history. (Subba Cultcha)
  • ...a rollercoaster of several sensations from the start (4/5). (GSGM)
  • ...catchy melodies that emerge are out of this excellent example of rhyming techniques... (Breaking & Entering)
  • ...a timeless classic that creates a listen unlike anything else in the dance-pop genre. (Is This Music)
  • The Mad Game are as mad as hatters, but that is what makes them so remarkable. (MiConnected)
  • reaches the melting point, causing endorphins to spike to new highs in rapid succession. (Music Notion)
  • ...a fast paced thrill ride that will knock you off your seats. (MusicCharts)
  • ...could fill stadiums with anthemic hooks and melodies rising and holding like no other in the current era. (Caesar Live N Loud)
  • The Mad Game are right on the money... (All I Need Is Music)
  • ...captivating...massive...enthralling...a unique perspective. (Press Party)

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