THE MAD GAME and Blaklyte Limited are not interested in your private data and do not store or collect it. This website does not use cookies.

We use a service from the company Compiled Social Ltd, which is based in the United Kingdom, to collate all the links related to the project and to provide a contact form to reach us. If you use this form, then you are willingly providing us with your email address but we will not add it to any subscriptions or newsletters without your consent. We do not send spam or circulars. Compiled Social Ltd do collect data to provide us with statistics about numbers of clicks and locations but we have more creative things to do than number crunching mouse movements. They do have their own privacy policy which we are sure is a real joy to read. You can find it at The founder, Ollie, seems to be nice enough. His automated welcome emails are very warm and cuddly.

We provide links to THE MAD GAME accounts on music platforms and social media websites. Each of these services will have their own Privacy Policies and data collection rules. But, as it would appear that almost everyone has decided to sacrifice personal privacy for the sake of online insanity, we won't rehash the risks associated with these. On the upside, we are provided with basic statistics about audience numbers, demographics and locations, but we barely look at them anyway. Occassionaly we might take a peek and express surprise that we have a listener in some distant, exciting and exotic location.

Beyond that, we would love to know about you but we don't want to invade your human right to privacy in order to find that out.

So that just about covers it. We hope it's clear enough.

Have a lovely day!

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